Hey there. My name, actually, is Jef Grosfeld. Why Kid Jef? Well in need of a name for my personal company I was listening to one of my all time favorite albums: Kid A by Radiohead (you SHOULD know it). Kid Jef was born soon afterwards.

I am a professional colorist for film and video productions. Based in The Netherlands I have worked on many many films, documentaries, commercials and television shows. In working on all these various productions I try and find a balance between creating beautiful pictures, maintaining the best possible quality and satisfy the client to his taste. My ambition is to expand my services abroad and work wherever I can.

I have mainly worked on the incredible Nucoda Filmmaster system which is simply one of the best tools out there. Also I have worked on systems like Baselight, Scratch and Resolve. Other tools I use every now and then include Fusion, Clipster and all of the Adobe CS apps (well not indesign I guess).

Beginning 2016 I will host my own small grading facility in one of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam. You're most welcome to come and work with me on some truly high-end gear and enjoy a great coffee (hipster!!). For sure, I will still be available to come grade at your facility of choice. Everywhere.

Thanks again for taking a peek on this website, it is well appreciated.